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Go Daddy, Inc Sued by Louise Marketing

One of Go Daddy's clients squatted No-Salt-Added .com, a Louise Marketing property.  When informed about the infringement, Go Daddy's response was nil.  Go Daddy's lack of action caused inestimable damage to the digital reputation of No-Salt-Added .com.

Louise Marketing addressed the matter by suing Go Daddy for defamation.  If Go Daddy had acted in accord with its own policy that prohibits impersonation "of the identity of a third party" in paragraph 5, ITEM 5: NO UNLAWFUL CONDUCT OR IMPROPER USE, of Go Daddy Terms of Service, there would have been no lawsuit.

No one showed up at court.  The case was presented without interruption.  The judge was nice as he offered a listening ear.  When told Go Daddy's legal agreement is disadvantageous to Go Daddy customers, Judge Mireles concurred, "Sounds like the mortgage industry."

Official summary:

LA Court.org
Case number:  09S00328
Filing Court:  Long Beach Courthouse

After 30 days, Bob Parsons was notified through a comment on Bob Parsons's blog about the judgement, with a request for payment and offer to consult to improve Go Daddy.  The comment wasn't posted, and there was no response.

That same week, madder-than-a-hornet Meyer Brooks, the "president" of Go Daddy, Inc., called to inform he had been out of the country and was only just aware of the suit. He said he would NEVER pay the judgement, and threatened legal action. Mr. Brooks said the decision would have to be reversed.  The files would have to be destroyed, or else I, Louise, the proprietor of Louise Marketing, would wind up apologizing in court later!

Every step Louise Marketing has taken is legal, correct, and above-board.  The defendant should have apologized.  Let's break this down:

Go Daddy, Inc., is the agent for service for Go Daddy in California, as referenced by a search on the Secretary of State Website:


Was Mr. Brooks out of the country?  Where were Go Daddy, Inc.'s other employees?  Were they out of the country, too?  Was everyone who works for Go Daddy, Inc out of the country?  Was everyone who works for Go Daddy, Inc., oblivious to the suit for FIVE MONTHS?  That doesn't ring true.

Go Daddy, Inc., simply wasn't minding shop.  "Out of the country" is the most common excuse in business - I don't buy it!  I learned the line, "out of the country," in the construction field.


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