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Go Daddy, Inc. Sued by Louise Marketing


In a nifty arrangement, the Go Daddy parent company incorporated Go Daddy, Inc., in 2004 in Nevada, as an incorporating service designated to do business in California.  The benefits are:
  • Go Daddy appears in compliance.
  • Meyer Brooks serves as a buffer against litigation in California when he allows each plaintiff to pursue a case - like I did - then tells them, "Sorry, you got the wrong Go Daddy . . . Go Daddy, Inc., doesn't have anything to do with the internet . . Sue Go Daddy in Arizona."
  • Embarassed, the Plaintiff backs down.
  • Nevada has no franchise tax, corporate income tax, or personal income tax

So far, Meyer Brooks got the claims of "ETAME, MARTIAL VS. GO DADDY, INC." and "SOHEIL NAVIDBAKHSH VS GO DADDY INC" in the Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed and their case files destroyed.  That won't happen with Louise Marketing!  It's not about the $$, it's the principle . . . More later . . .

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